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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hubby's birthday tomorrow!

Not like me to be leaving things to the last minute (again!) - I have just finished hubby's card - although, to be fair, I have been creating with the children to make their cards to Daddy! Annoyingly, in my haste to get them in the envelope, I forgot to take piccies! So, I'll snap them when they are opened in the morning. I have, however, taken a piccie of mine - and I'm quite glad it won't be up next to Jess's creation, cos it's amazing!

Mo Manning Image


  1. HI Suzi,

    I love your cards, they are so good. How do you get time with 2 children and working full time... I laughed when I read that you had to do hubbys card last minute...that's me all over! With the best will in the world I never seem to be able to get organised and Christmas is just always too manic...I say every year I will be ready early, shopping done, cards made & written, tree up and decorated and hope the last 2 weeks are enjoyed just doing those finishing touches..making gingerbread men and having lots of socials with mince pies and mulled wine....but it just never happens. I am trying again this year though...

    Have a great week

  2. fab card,great image. sue xx

  3. Fantastic card, love the image x

  4. Ah that's a great image for a bloke who likes trains. I'm sure your hubby willmlovenit! Maddy x

  5. Hi Suzi, these cards are fab, I'm a bit the same these days,never enough hours in the day, anyway I'm just doing a spot of blog hopping and thought I'd pop by and say hi, hope you have a lovely weekend..Lorsx

  6. My hubby would suit this card as he is a Train Enthusiast


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