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Monday, 26 January 2009

My poorly girl :(

Jessica's not been well - she's got raging earache and got an infection. Why is it you feel so helpless when you can't help your children? She's got antibiotics now so hopefully they'll kick in soon. Last night was dreadful - she was awake pretty much every hour from 2am. I spent this time in her bed and my back's suffering for it now! Fingers crossed for a better night tonight! Xx


  1. hiya Suzi, sorry to hear Jess aint feeling too good chick, I remember the earache well, my Jamie used to get it all the time and it felt like he was never away from the doctors...hope she feels better soon chick and heres a big hug from me(((((HUGS!!!)))))...hope you are getting settled into your new house, look forward to seeing all your fabby cards....hugs Jackie xx

  2. Awww....hope she feels better soon!
    Your blog's looking good...will keep an eye out for more fab cards!
    Helen x


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