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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Could I have your honest thoughts please?

I'm starting to do Phil's Valentine's Card and can't decide which colours to colour Tilda! Should I go with the brown/blue combo or the pink/lilac? Thanks!


  1. I think the brown/blue combo - pops more.

  2. I also think brown blue. I personally like the pink better, but asit is for your husband I think brown and blue appeal more to men! Good job on both! Love, Alex

  3. i love both color combos, and i think what ever one you use will look fab. xx

  4. Hi Suzi, they are both fab, but I think Brown/Blue for a man.
    Michele x

  5. Ooooo I love both combos, but I think I prefer the brown/blue. Great colouring
    Ruth x


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